Meet Wanda McDavid


Wanda McDavid HeadshotWanda joined the firm in 2001 and has provided strategic vision and direction in navigating the tremendous changes in digital information through the internet explosion. Wanda’s dedication to A/I’s mission— giving clients the information possible to make the best decisions for their business—has ensured that Access/Information will carry on their impressive tradition for decades to come.

Wanda’s extensive professional expertise is founded in research and law library management. Her specialties include:


Business Research


Economic Gardening Research


Law Library information management


Internet research training


Presenting on legal and business research and competitive intelligence

Wanda has a Master’s Degree in Information Management and Librarianship from the University of Denver and a Bachelor of Arts in History from Regis University. She holds an Economic Gardening® Professional Certification from the National Center for Economic Gardening® and is a member of the National Strategic Research Team. Wanda is active in the Denver community and serves on the 18th Judicial District Commission on Judicial Performance, as well as regional and national professional organizations.

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