Over the past year, we have conducted 63 competitive intelligence reports. It is one of the most common requests we receive from clients at Access/Information. So why is it so important for you to know your competition? You believe in the value of your company and what you have to offer, but is it enough to make a client choose your services over another similar company? Are you really aware of what makes your company different from others operating in the same space?

There is not a company out there who does not want some sort of competitive advantage. The Journal of Management and Sustainability states that knowledge of your external environment, including your competitors, and the use of such knowledge can facilitate that competitive advantage. It can make your company stand out in a sea of other companies.

Competitive intelligence helps businesses to make strategic decisions regarding their operations and functions. Failing to know your competitors can lead to biased decisions and poor performance. Are you aware of where the market is really heading? Competitive intelligence can help you determine if your new product line or service function is innovative, or if it is already being done. Competitive intelligence can help you determine if there are pockets of underserved markets or if a certain space is already crowded.

According to research conducted by the Journal of Management and Sustainability, “information is not valuable if the knowledge is not understood, not relevant, timely and cost effective, and does not lead to better performance or competitive advantage.” At Access/Information, we not only conduct research on your competitors, but we can help you understand the implications of this research and the competitive landscape as a whole. Are you operating in a niche market? Do you have some proprietary technology that makes it difficult for other companies to effectively rival your products? Is one of your competitors on the verge of a market shift that can fundamentally change your business environment?

We live in a world where rapid technological change and vast amounts of data lead to an ever evolving marketplace, do you have the tools you need to compete? What are you most interested in knowing about your competitors?