December is now halfway through and 2016 is rapidly coming to an end. For many this means a multitude of holiday celebrations and days off from work. The feelings of excitement can be palpable throughout the workplace as people anticipate the upcoming festivities, potentially resulting in a slight decline in productivity.

According to data from the US Department of Labor, domestic productivity growth has been weak since the Great Recession. And despite a third quarter jump of 3.1%, economists believe productivity numbers will return to its mediocre average growth rate of 1.3%.

Slow productivity growth has been identified by Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen as one of the key challenges facing the country. US News & World Reports’ economics writer Martin Crutsinger, also asserts that increased productivity corresponds with a higher standard of living, as “rising productivity means increased output which allows employers to boost wages without triggering higher inflation.”

Does this mean that decreased employee productivity during the holiday season will destroy the domestic economy? Probably not; however, this may be a good time to brush up on some strategies that help to boost productivity in the workplace.

Chris Bailey, the author of The Productivity Project: Accomplishing More by Managing Your Time, Attention, and Energy, offered the following tips to the Society for Human Resource Management to help increase productivity:

  • Work with more deliberateness, more intention Take a step back, evaluate what is important, and work on that task first.
  • Time, Energy & Attention – No matter how much you try, you cannot change how much time there is in a day. To maximize your time, cultivate focus and energy.
  • “Rule of 3” – At the start of each week and each day, identify three main tasks that you want to accomplish.
  • Curb Distractions ­– Interruptions can cause a productivity loss of up to 25 minutes. You can decrease these distractions by closing your door, silencing your phone, and turning off notifications.

How are you maintaining productivity this holiday season?