Do you know your Millennials? We know they are diverse, we know they are fickle, so how does your business reach them and hold on?

Above all else, Millennials are constantly connected. According to one study, during a typical week, Millennials spend approximately 9.5 hours a day on social media. This level of connectivity requires businesses to utilize multiple touchpoints to reach their audience. A 2014 study in BusinessWire magazine indicated that older generations tend to stick with Facebook for most of their social media activities, while Millennials are significantly more likely to turn to specific social media platforms for specific purposes. For example, Millennials tend to use YouTube for learning about products, Twitter for expressing opinions, and Instagram for posting photos about the products. So in this vast, multi-faceted market space, how do you get your brand noticed?

One of the most effective ways your business can attract Millennials is to create compelling content based advertising. Content marketing is selling without selling: videos, stories, tweets, and photos. Content marketing relates an experience while also showcasing your product or service. If this content strikes a chord, Millennials will be vocal about it. Creating relationships with Millennials leads to brand recognition and the relationship extends beyond the individual. Millennials are a sharing generation; if your content is appealing, they will share it, and share it again and again.

However, getting your brand out to the masses is not the end of your brand’s marketing story. Once you’re there, you’ve got to do it all over again with a new angle. Millennials embrace change and although they may express devotion to a brand, they won’t stay engaged for long if the brand message doesn’t change along with them. The key to keeping the attention of the Millennial generation is to exercise an ever evolving marketing strategy that changes, shares, updates and tweets along with the audience. How are you connecting with the Millennial generation?