Network, network, network. Conventional wisdom says that we should always be networking to never miss an opportunity for our business or professional goals. But what if all that constant networking is unnecessary?

A Harvard Business Review article from earlier this year makes the case that bigger is not always better when it comes to networks. According to the author, “being what we call a ‘superconnector’ has nothing to do with supersizing your network. Rather, it’s about surrounding yourself with a carefully curated group of people who you admire and respect and with whom you share common beliefs and values — people who will set the tone for the foundation of your larger network filled with people who provide value to one another.”

We all know someone with a large network who seems to know everyone in their industry and moves from one conversation to another at events, effortlessly working the room. But that is not the only valuable method of networking. Another option is to curate your connections to focus on developing a unique and authentic perspective for your chosen field and niche.

As social media and smartphones have made us constantly connected, it can be valuable to step back and reflect on how your current network is inspiring or draining you. Those Facebook updates from industry acquaintances could lead to a mutually beneficial system of referrals. Or, they could be distracting you from deeper connections with potential clients who love your more time-consuming blog posts about industry trends.

What is your networking strategy? Is it helping to grow your business?