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Since 1981, Access/Information has been providing market research, document delivery services, library management, and records management services to attorneys and business professionals. Our team of professionals combines experience with demonstrated abilities to deliver best-in-class services in a timely manner.

When you partner with our company, you will receive:


The highest quality project research and analysis.



Fully compliant, fast document delivery and public records retrieval



Library management services


Subject expertise in all facets of legal and business information

Management Team

Claudia Scholz

Co-owner and Operations Manager

Claudia Scholz is the Co-owner and Operations Manager at Access/Information. She has been with the company since 1993, and facilitates the successful operations of Access/Information through her decisiveness and accuracy.

Patty Wellinger

Co-owner & Research Specialist

As of January 1, 2021, Patty is one of the new co-owners of Access/Information. Patty is a legal and business research specialist, and has been with the company for seven years.

Supported by a robust team of research specialists.

Access/Information and its employees are members of:


To assist clients in their strategic decisions through the use of our on-point research process, providing accurate and authoritative data while saving time and money.


Your success is important to us. Access/Information recognizes and appreciates the proprietary nature of your business. All information received from our clients will remain completely confidential.

Copyright Compliance

Access/Information is a transactional member of the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC). We follow all copyright compliance procedures, allowing you to be worry-free. All copies not in the public domain are reported to the CCC. If the rights holder is not a member of the CCC, we make every attempt to contact the person or entity and obtain the necessary permission. We also maintain an internal database tracking all non-CCC copyright matters. In addition, we will…

  • Coordinate the ordering and reporting requirements for reprints or multiple copies
  • Deliver documents in digital format (when copyright law allows), fax, or hard copy

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