On-point Research.

The point at which best-in-class information and thoughtful analysis ignite


Comprehensive Research Solutions

Access/Information employs a unique on-point approach to our research process, which takes advantage of both our highly-honed analytical skills and cutting-edge technology. We utilize proprietary data-mining strategies and tools to provide you with customized research at less cost than most commercially-available published reports.

When your organization is counting on you, you can count on us.

Business Research

We are a reliable business partner who can analyze market and industry trends and other business intelligence to give you a competitive edge.

Legal Research

Information is the lifeblood of your firm. We are your behind-the-scenes knowledge base, helping you define objectives, and find and deliver the information you need.

System for Integrated Growth

Access / Information is proud to provide market research and competitive intelligence to second stage
businesses as part of the Edward Lowe Foundation’s System for Integrated Growth program.

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