System for Integrated Growth

Access / Information is proud to provide market research and competitive intelligence to second stage businesses as part of the Edward Lowe Foundation’s System for Integrated Growth program.


System for Integrated Growth

Edward Lowe Foundation – Entrepreneur Programs

“The foundation’s entrepreneurship initiatives focus on second-stage growth entrepreneurs because of the important role they play in economic prosperity — and the need to distinguish them from startups and other types of small businesses.

We define second-stage companies as having 10 to 99 employees and $1 million to $50 million in annual revenue, although these are loose boundaries. What’s important is that second-stagers are powerhouses when it comes to job creation and revenue generation. Between 2015 and 2019, second-stagers represented only 16% of U.S. establishments, but generated 37% of all jobs, according to In addition, second-stagers often have national or global markets, which means they bring outside dollars into the community.

Stability is another hallmark of second stage. Research shows that 80 percent of startups die within five years of their inception. Yet second-stage companies, which already have customers and products in place, are concentrating on growth rather than survival. They’re expanding into new markets and introducing innovations that impact their industries. With greater financial bandwidth, they’re typically
able to offer more diverse, high-quality jobs and provide better benefits for employees. Large corporations may pull up stakes and move when wooed by relocation incentives, but in our experience, second-stage entrepreneurs are devoted corporate citizens with deep roots in their communities.”

System for Integrated Growth

“Are you struggling to scale your company? Do you need to build out departments and bring on more tactical expertise so you can work on your business instead of in it? The System for Integrated Growth® (SIG) provides second-stage CEOs with a SWAT team of vetted experts to address issues that impact growth, whether they are internal operational problems or external strategic ones. Areas of
concentration include: Human resources, accounting and finance, operations and supply chain management, sales and marketing, global trade, succession planning, online marketing, customer prospecting and secondary market research.

The program is delivered virtually through a series of phone calls and a secure, online portal. Recognizing that second-stage entrepreneurs know their businesses better than anyone else, SIG specialists don’t dictate a particular course of action. Instead, they provide information and education to help CEOs make better decisions. In addition to being experts in their respective fields, SIG specialists operate under the guidance of the Edward Lowe Foundation to optimize their assistance to second-stage growth companies.”

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