Meet Patty Wellinger

Co-owner and Research Specialist

As of January 1, 2021, Patty is one of the new co-owners of Access/Information. Patty is a legal and business research specialist. She has worked at Access/Information for over 8 years where she conducts research and provides actionable results for law firms and companies looking for business and market research. She is a Market Research Specialist with two programs offered through the Edward Lowe Foundation – Economic Gardening and Systems for Integrated Growth. Both programs provide specialists to help businesses achieve growth. Patty has written over 500 reports during that time including industry trends, competitor profiles, information on government bids, watering holes, etc. for a variety of businesses.

Patty’s extensive professional expertise is founded in academic research and legal research. Her specialties include:


Market Research and Competitive Intelligence


Business Development & Economic Gardening


Legal research and information management


Internet research training

Prior to working at A/I, Patty was a law librarian for 22 years, primarily in an academic law library. Her skills include providing reference services to students, faculty, attorneys and public patrons; teaching; and creating handouts, LibGuides, weblinks, digitization projects and other resources to facilitate legal research instruction.

She also provides in-depth legal research for several law firm clients, including regional and national firms.

Patty has several graduate degrees including a Juris Doctor (JD), Master’s in Library Science (MLS), Master’s in Sociology of Law and Master’s in Applied Communication (MA).

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