Advanced Technology Adoption

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The Situation

A firm specializing in product design and contract manufacturing was looking to expand its presence in the medical device industry. The company was known for its innovative ideas and needed to assess whether the technology of biomedical rapid design and development was sophisticated enough to be implemented into their service offerings.

Jessica’s information was very good and has helped us to build our pathway of how to go out and take advantage of the opportunities.

- - Owner, Design & Contract Manufacturing Firm

Our Unique Approach

We live in a time of unprecedented technological change. At Access/Information, we have surveyed numerous industries that are being disrupted because of the development of new technology and solutions.

When your company’s value proposition is based on the innovative products you are able to bring to market, it is important that you stay up-to-date on new and emerging technologies. It is also vital to assess which of these technologies are ready implementation. Access/Information was able to provide a body of research that showcased the overall interested in related rapid design and development, as well as projections on when the technology will be clinically feasible.

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