Colorado Legislative History

Colorado State Capitol

The Situation

An east coast law firm was interested in tracking Colorado regulatory history for a certain section of the Colorado Code of Regulations from 1987 through 2007.

Because the Colorado Code of Regulations is updated monthly, we were looking at a 20 year period of time that had been updated 240 times. In addition, the historical regulations are not digitized or indexed, and are only organized by the regulation section and sub-section.

This clears everything up. Thank you!

Associate, International Law Firm

Our Unique Approach

The Colorado Supreme Court Law Library retains copies of regulatory changes from the mid-1970s to the present. For each section of a regulation, the Supreme Court Law Library has assembled the regulatory changes by section. In some cases there may be from 5 to 9 binders if there have been frequent changes to the regulations.

The difficulty at this time is that a researcher must actually page through the sections containing the regulation of interest and carefully review the changes while at the same time reviewing the history section of the regulations to make sure that nothing is missed.

It is a time-consuming process and attention to detail is required. Access/Information is well versed in regulatory research and in addition to finding the various historical regulations, we copied relevant sections and then provided a detailed chronological overview of all the changes. We understand that many times firms do not possess enough time or staff to complete detailed work of this nature and need reliable and competent outsourced assistance.

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