Contract Manufacturers vs Virtual Manufacturers

Supply Chain

The Situation

A software company developed a product to help participants within the pharmaceutical industry comply with the new serialization requirements of the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA).

One of the challenges the company had was determining the exact size of the entire pharmaceutical supply chain, from the manufacturer down to the retail store. The company needed to understand the size of the market as well as its potential to target the best prospects with the right messaging.

The gold star goes to Jessica. This was perfect. Great Job.

CEO, Software Company

Our Unique Approach

Access/Information was able to provide the client with US market size data by compiling statistics from several different market segments of all the entities that operate across the pharmaceutical supply chain. To quantify the global market, we identified countries across the world that have enacted serialization legislation and import and export data for pharmaceutical products.

As a result of the market size data, as well as the growth projections and industry trends provided along with it, the company was able to confirm that its target prospect was actually vertically integrated contract manufacturers. The challenge for the company here is that there is a large presence of virtual manufacturers who own the intellectual property of the products but do no actual manufacturing.

In order to separate out the contract manufacturers from the virtual manufacturers, Access/Information worked with the company to identify a list of over 1,100 targeted prospects that the company can use to grow its business.

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