Emergency Action

Emergency Action

The Situation

A client received information indicating that a few of its competitors were potentially developing a product that would directly compete with one of its proprietary products. The company requested the best competitive intelligence available and they needed it fast.

You have a great research team, who did a terrific job on a complex subject. They went above and beyond to get the information needed urgently. Absolutely fantastic work!

- Healthcare Development Company

Our Unique Approach

At Access/Information, we always strive to provide what you need, when you need it. Our client encountered an emergency situation, a few hours before close of businesses. Responding promptly to the situation, we were able to locate competitive product development data indicators, as well as expired and unexpired patent data.

In turn, we were able to provide the client with the intelligence that it needed to not only understand the product development capabilities of its competitors, but also gain ground in the competition for market share in a rapidly growing industry.

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