Expert Witness Due Diligence

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The Situation

A law firm received a list of publications that the opposing side’s lawyers had produced regarding five expert witnesses. The firm needed to locate as much information as possible about these witnesses in only four days in order to be fully prepared.

Although there were 116 pages of CV entries related to presentations, publications, and blog entries listing over 250 articles, it was important to also search for additional articles written by the experts that did not appear on the various CVs.

Thanks for saving the day! Your speediness and thoroughness helped us be ready for trial.

-Litigation Management Consultant

Our Unique Approach

In addition to reviewing the CV-referenced materials, the Access/Information team actually located 215 articles from a variety of sources including peer-reviewed journals, blogs, newsletters, and books as well as references to speeches and presentations.

Access/Information delivered the results on a rolling basis over four days to allow the law firm to use the information as it became available. In addition, we handled all copyright issues and payments for the law firm, which saved a large amount of time in light of the substantial amount of information requested.

The law firm was appreciative to have such a responsive partner. The team at Access/Information was able to help the firm be ready for trial under less than ideal circumstances, by providing more information than originally requested.

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