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The Situation

A company specializing in applications for complex products and processes, as well as training for implementation across all user touchpoints in highly regulated industries needed help because its primary market served was consolidating and moving offshore. The client was considering expanding into two very large areas: financial services and manufacturing.

Jessica’s interaction with us was great and she provided us with exactly what we were looking for.

-- CEO of Complex Process Outsourcing Partner

Our Unique Approach

At Access/Information, we understand how important client and industry diversification is. We knew we had to move quickly to provide the client with the research they needed to make a strategic decision to keep the business moving in the right direction.

To become an established player in a new market, it is vital to locate gaps in services or underserved areas. While at first glance, a segment may appear to be a good fit, further research can indicate that it is facing the same competitive pressures that you are currently operating in. Through our analysis, Access/Information was able to determine that there was an opportunity serving manufacturers in the navigation of certain complex procedures.

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