Sales Strategy

Weather Data

The Situation

A long-range weather forecasting and consulting company needed information to build its sales strategy to effectively market its services and grow the business. Competing against some heavy hitters, the company needed data to enhance its value proposition and position itself as the expert in the field. The company also needed help identifying high-end customers whose bottom line can be impacted by weather related issues, as well as the types of specialized and niche services being offered to private industry companies.

Wanda and Patty provided terrific information! They saved me so much time! I tend to keep a close eye on the market and they were able to provide information to me that I had not yet encountered. There are also some resources for market research that I was not familiar with. It has been very helpful. I am now able to create an actual sales strategy based on the deliverables that I got.

-Weather Consulting Company

Our Unique Approach

At Access/Information, we know that strong data points are a compelling asset to a sales and marketing plan. It is important to not only understand the competitive landscape in which you are operating, but also the pain points of your potential customers.

We were able to provide the weather consulting company with a wealth of information to enhance their sales strategy. Our research included data surrounding the needs of industries that are most impacted by severe weather, as well as geographic areas that are more prone to weather related losses.

We considered additional strategies for expansion and provided data surrounding merger and acquisitions in the industry. Our research suggested that the companies with the highest rate of success are providing specialized and innovative services, such as weather forensics. Our team of researchers also provided organizations and events in which downstream markets congregate to facilitate expert positioning. We know that even companies who are currently monitoring their market can benefit from a third party perspective.

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