Sales Tax Litigation

Sales Tax Litigation

The Situation

An owner of a residential complex approached us with a unique problem. After installing some products within the units in the facility, the City Sales Tax Auditor determined the entire amount of the product contract would be taxed. The client needed examples of litigation or public determinations on a key term in the municipal code that would help build the case against the City.

Using your service was incredibly efficient. Thanks for beating my Thursday morning time frame.  You are efficient and affordable!

- Owner, Residential Complex

Our Unique Approach

At Access/Information, we understand that misclassified contracts can be costly for your bottom line and you need supporting data quickly. We performed searches of several legal and proprietary databases that house state specific cases, statutes, and attorney general opinions.

While there had not been any cases or litigation that pertained specifically to the definition of the term the client was seeking, we were able to provide the language of the state’s sales and use tax provisions. In addition, we provided resources that contained administrative remedies to dispute a tax and appeal the decision by the City Sales Tax Auditor. Armed with this information, the client was able to use the language in the ordinance in the best way to make his case.

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