Targeted Prospecting

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The Situation

A billing software company providing solutions to health centers was looking to grow their market share by acquiring new customers. They had a list of 1,500 prospects but needed help identifying which practice management software the centers were currently using.

In addition, the company developed an innovative training program, which they believed to be the only one of its kind. The company needed research to confirm this belief in order to market its program effectively.

Jessica was a little pit bull getting information for us. She was good at finding it and the information she found on other training programs and practice management software was invaluable to us

-Billing Software Company

Our Unique Approach

The company operates in 19 states throughout the US. As a result, it needed information on the practice management software used by operators within those 19 states. The team at Access/Information was able to locate the types of software used by various health centers through our proprietary databases, providing the company with a list of targeted prospects.

The type of billing in this industry is challenging, and finding employees with the skills needed to conduct this billing has proven difficult. The company developed a unique training program, which not only solves the labor problem, but also positions the company as an expert in the field. Access/Information was able to confirm that their program was in fact unique, locating only two other programs that offer some sort of similar training.

When companies are making critical marketing decisions based on research, it pays to have a resource that goes beyond the average and exhausts the possibilities. At Access/Information, we know where and how to dig up hard to find information.

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