Competitive pressures are inherent to the business environment. Resourceful companies can typically carve out some piece of the competitive landscape to stake their claim. However, there are some market players that contain so much market share that competing with them on any level seems insurmountable.

Larger corporations are increasingly rebranding in an attempt to “downplay their size to seem more authentic and relatable.” According to the Eldelman Trust Barometer, 78% of people trust small to medium sized businesses more than big businesses.

While larger corporations working to look smaller may seem like an added threat, there are ways in which small-to-medium sized businesses can combat this. The Journal of Marketing Research found that when small businesses draw attention to their large corporate competitors, they can win customer support.

Intuit Quickbooks offers the following strategies for small businesses attempting to compete with giants in the land:

  • Be Agile, Nimble, & Quick
  • Differentiate & Innovate
  • Polish Your Digital Presence
  • Celebrate & Listen to Your Customer Base

Market research is a great weapon to stay ahead of the curve of large corporations. Customer research can lead to new understandings, best practices and new opportunities. We can help.