We live in an age of disruption. There is no industry, technology, or service that is untouched by disruptive innovation. When marketing a disruptive technology or innovation it is important to remember that most clients are buying solutions to their problems, rather than technology.

Silberzahn and Cartwright suggest that it is important to build a market one niche at a time. The innovator is responsible for bringing the product to potential users. It is important to identify the customer’s needs and then target customers that have a willingness to try new things and get their feedback. In an emerging market, information can be uncertain so it is necessary to engage the potential customer. It is suggested that developing insights shows the commitment of the innovator. Another strategy is to reach out to new networks or to create partnerships.

“Right now, at this very moment, either your company is disrupting the marketplace, or you’re actively being disrupted. This isn’t meant to be fear-based, but it’s the reality of the situation… If you’re comfortable in your business, you need to be thinking about who knows you’re comfortable and how they are planning to make you uncomfortable.” – Aaron Pierson, Vitals Agency

What do you need to be a disruptive innovator? You need to know the pain points of your customer.  You need to be the solution to the problem that no one has thought of yet. You need to understand your market. How do you understand your market? Market Research.

In addition, you need to build a “company culture that fosters constant innovation.” The best ideas often come from the employees who interact with the customer on a daily basis.