Expert witnesses are often used in civil litigation. Experts can be consultants who help develop the strategy of the case and review the strengths and weaknesses of your opponent’s position. Experts may also testify or submit reports on your behalf when scientific, technical or other specialized knowledge is required.

Expert witness: a witness (as a medical specialist) who by virtue of special knowledge, skill, training, or experience is qualified to provide testimony to aid the factfinder in matters that exceed the common knowledge of ordinary people – Merriam

Locating the right expert for your case or evaluating the opposition’s expert can take a great deal of time and resources, but we are here to make the process easier for you.

Access/Information can:

  • Help you locate an expert in a particular specialization
  • Create a bibliography of publications
  • Prepare a biography, including any news articles about the expert
  • Retrieve articles, conference papers or books from a list on their resume or biography
  • Provide a testimonial history report
  • Locate copies of expert reports or depositions from previous trials they have been involved in
  • Provide a Daubert Challenges to Exclude report
  • Investigate state licensing disciplinary actions

Call us if you need help locating or evaluating potential experts.