At Access/Information, we provide research that helps executives and their teams build strategies that afford an avenue for their company to grow in a way that is based on genuine data.

I spent nearly ten years working with entrepreneurs (presidents and CEOs) who had a vision for companies that could provide a service or product that would bring a solution to someone else. I admire the dedication and effort that they put into their businesses, because they believe that it will help another business, customer, or consumer.

My time at Access/Information, therefore, has been invaluable. There is a giant risk associated with starting and maintaining your own business. While the idea, product or service that you offer may be excellent, having the right strategic data will help achieve momentous heights.

After nearly ten years, I am starting on a new venture and will be leaving the extremely talented team at Access/Information. What I will take with me is the value of information, learning every day, and the lessons of each and every entrepreneur that I worked with along the way.