When you think of a Librarian, I bet the image of a fully decked out Comic-Con attendee is not the first picture that comes to mind. I like to think that I bring a special twist to Librarianship. In addition to my love of comics, I have an overall thirst for life and adventure. Hiking through national parks or traveling to faraway places, I collect bits and pieces of languages and cultures that sustain me on a daily basis.

I have been a Library Assistant at Access/Information for a little over a year now. I work with law firms handling acquisitions, invoices, routing, book processing, and basic reference. My fluency in Spanish also allows me to provide Spanish language research skills as needed.

While my tenure with the company has been brief, my association dates back to the summer of 2001 when as part of my graduate studies in Library and Information Science, I completed a practicum at Access/Information. At that time, I really appreciated the level of collaboration between the team, and now as an employee continue to be impressed by the way in which we work together for the benefit of our clients.

In addition to my role at Access/Information, I am a part-time Outreach Librarian for the Kids & Families department at the Jefferson County Public Library, where my Spanish language skills are also put to good use. In this role, I focus on promoting early literacy development practices in at-risk communities by giving presentations to interested stakeholders around the county at various events, as well as providing engaging Storytime and literacy activities. The value of literature and information knowledge does not stop with childhood. This is a mindset which carries over into my work with Access/Information.

My experience as a librarian has cultivated within me a solid base for strong, caring customer and community-based service. I am a people-focused person. I value the information needs of all library users. A large part of being a proficient librarian and researcher is being a good listener. My fine-tuned listening skills are focused on understanding your unique data and research needs, ensuring that all requests are handled with great personal attention and care.