When I began my career as a bookmobile librarian, I could not have foreseen the satisfying path that I set in motion. Being the President of Access/Information is the best job I could imagine.

In addition to being a bookmobile librarian, I was a member of the Extension Department of the Pikes Peak Regional Library District. After a move to Denver in 1979, I worked at Holland & Hart law firm for a brief period and then became the Information Resources Manager for the Denver law office of Morrison & Foerster. Fast forward 20 years and I decided I wanted to make a change, although librarianship and information management were in my blood. After conversations with Marcy Dunning, founder of A/I, the opportunity for a possible partnership transpired. I was excited to expand my experience in the same industry, but at a firm with a different focus from my prior positions. I joined Access/information in 2001 and never looked back.

Working with A/I partners Marcy Dunning and Judy Goater was a stimulating and collaborative environment. We would brainstorm about research projects and work together to accomplish client requests. Claudia Scholz, our Office Manager who is still with the firm today, kept us all on track.

In 2008, I became the President of the company, heading up a team which included partners Marcy and Judy. It was a great opportunity for me to take on more responsibility and to continue to grow the company. Marcy and Judy had my back and we continued to run the company in a collaborative manner. In June 2012 Judy decided to retire, and in March 2013, Marcy decided to retire as well. I feel fortunate to have had such great support and guidance in preparing me to run the firm even in their absence. Their influence, vision, and reputation remain a guiding legacy of Access/Information, even as information retrieval practices have changed over the years.

Access/Information continues to grow as a strong and vibrant company today. Our clients often come to us as referrals from other satisfied clients, which makes us proud. Some of our long term clients have been with the firm since the early 80’s. Our vision has always been to provide reliable, timely information to help companies and organizations make better business decisions. The company’s focus now is specialized business and legal research and our skilled researchers can handle a wide variety of topics and projects across numerous industries.

I am proud of our history, our flexibility and approach to changing technologies, and our relationship based service. I look forward to moving the company into the future with the dedicated and passionate team that Access/Information is today. Check out our newsletter, blog, and redesigned website.