Information management is more important now than at any time in history. According to the American Association of Law Libraries, every two days in 2016, we create as much information that was generated from the beginning of time until 2003.

Information professionals are tasked with finding ways to effectively manage this multitude of content and help keep their company or law firm competitive in a data-driven economy. And in an age where the bottom line is often the most important line, firms are looking to cut costs and gather many of their information needs through a virtual reference library.

Knowledge management is becoming increasingly important as firms look to leverage skills and capture learnings that can be applied to other situations. In today’s economy, law firms are facing fierce market pressure, and as a result competitive intelligence is essential. Additionally, firms need strategic support for their marketing and business development staff to identify the right clients and the right pitch.

For over 30 years, Access/Information has been at the forefront of information management. In that time, we’ve partnered with law firms large and small to identify, address, and meet their research needs. Having access to and the analysis of data is vital for company success. Access/Information can help you leverage it to increase efficiency and cut costs. We are in business to make your business grow.