Video use in corporate employee training programs is gaining in popularity. Fortune 100 companies like IBM and Microsoft have written case study endorsements. Research firms such as Bersin and Gartner have also written about the merits of video usage.

Video can help engage viewers and make it more likely that they will remember material. Today’s employees are increasingly tech savvy. Forrester found that 75% are more likely to watch a video, than read articles or emails. And as the cost of producing high quality videos decreases, the opportunity to add training videos is becoming more accessible to companies of all sizes

According to data from Kaltura analysts, video usage can help to achieve a number of important company goals, such as:

  • Empowering employees
  • Boosting employee creativity
  • Celebrating corporate culture
  • Executive personification
  • Connecting employees
  • Enhancing product marketing
  • Improving communication
  • Knowledge sharing

“Video puts a face, a voice, and character to both executives and employees.
It helps employees better relate to their leaders, as well as identify
natural leaders and stars across the company.” – Kaltura analysts

With the increase of the gig economy and mobile employees that are not tied to a static desk in one location, video offers the flexibility of providing employee training off-site to a workforce that may be spread across the US or even the world.

What types of training initiatives are you invested in?