Research is a critical component of innovation, at least that is what we believe at Access/Information. More than that, researching your industry and all the pressures internally and externally that it faces leads to informed decision making. When planning the next steps that your business will take, the insights derived from research better equips you to compete in the marketplace.

Greenbook conducts a global survey of the market research industry, GRIT, now in its 22nd edition. The latest report found that corporate buyers are using research in the following ways:

  • Research is just one of many types of data that is an input into decision-making 74%
  • To answer important questions that cannot be answered with other data sources 65%
  • The main way of understanding customers’ experiences 57%
  • Used as an input into all important customer-facing decisions 47%

While the results of the report indicate that research not only supports decision-making as a whole, but also helps companies gain a better understanding of their customers, transforming the data into business action remains a challenge.

“The process of bringing together data from multiple sources is second nature to market researchers.” – Wale Omiyale, SVP Business Development, Europe & Asia Pac, Confirmit

Somewhat troubling, the report found that while corporate buyers felt that market researchers where skilled at execution, they were at large dissatisfied with the ability to make the research relevant to the corporation. Only 42% of responders reported being very or completely satisfied with how their research providers understand their business.

At Access/Information, we pride ourselves in providing customized intelligence for all types of businesses. With customization comes a thorough understanding of your business and what makes it unique, as well as the key objectives and how the research findings will be used.  We outline a plan of action, identify resources, tools and personnel to complete the project. Our goal is to always provide trusted, actionable information in a timely fashion within the cost parameters.

We couple creativity and innovation, with critical thinking, and data analysis through our on-point approach. This is the point where best-in-class information and thoughtful analysis ignite, enabling us to bring clarity to your strategic plans.