By now, we all know that Millennials represent the largest share of the US workforce; however, according to the Deloitte University Press, this generation is increasingly occupying senior positions and assisting in decision making. A study commissioned by Google and conducted by Millward Brown Digital found that nearly 50% of all B2B researchers are Millennials, an increase of 70% in just 2 years’ time.

As such, it has been reported that the Millennial generation is having a “profound impact on their organizations and the B2B vendors who want to do business with them.” A 2015 study of the B2B purchasing habits of Millennials conducted by the IBM Institute for Business Value found that Millennials are looking for an omni-channel experience that is hassle-free and customized to their needs. “They want data, speed, and trusted advisors who are eager to collaborate.

The IBM Institute for Business Value offers the following recommendations for companies trying to market and sell B2B products or services to Millennials:

  • Create client experiences that matter: Millennials value authentic experiences with brand representatives
  • Influence the influencers: Brand influencers are increasingly coming from outside the business, so carefully consider your brand reputation
  • Deliver data – anytime, anywhere: Arm the Millennial B2B decision maker with data because it represents an key element in their choice of vendor
  • Make it easy: The buying process should be simple and accessible, a common factor that resonates across all generations of B2B buyers
  • Share the love: Millennials are willing to share positive experiences, cultivate B2B brand ambassadors

Identifying which decision maker you should be targeting with your marketing efforts can be a challenge, especially when your company is looking to serve larger accounts. Research from Marketing Sherpa suggests that for companies with 100 to 500 employees, there are nearly 7 people involved in the buying process.

As a vendor, do you need to market to every person in the decision making process or is there one person who makes recommendations to the group in your product or service category? One of the best ways to identify what job positions or titles to target is by researching current and past clients.

Also look at market chatter. Who is searching for related offerings and where are they congregating? Millennial B2B decision makers often conduct the first phase of research through social media platforms and various online forums. Need help locating the right platforms? Contact Us.