The latest studies show that people are more productive when they enjoy and find purpose in their tasks no matter how mundane.  Putting play before and, especially during work activities may be an important strategy in getting things done and done well. In fact, a study conducted by economists at the University of Warwick found that happy employees are 12% more productive.

New research suggests we work more effectively, creatively,
and collaboratively when we’re happy at work. Conventional wisdom
holds that if only we pay workers enough, they’ll be productive. There
may be more to it, though. Recent research hints there’s a link
between employees’ happiness and their productivity at work. Some
companies are taking note—and already seeing the payoff.”

Jonha Revesencio, Marketing Strategist

 According to the author of The Happiness Advantage Shawn Anchor, positive feelings actually make the brain work better. He says that at these times individuals tend to be more creative and are therefore, better at solving problems.

Additional research has shown low morale and lack of employee engagement can lead to reduced productivity and lost profits. High-pressure companies incur 50% higher health care expenditures. In the US, workplace stress annual costs are estimated at $500 billion and a loss of 550 million workdays, according to data from the American Psychological Association. Workplace stress also increases voluntary turnover by almost 50%.

How can you enhance morale and increase productivity at your work site? Start by using cheap, simple but effective gamification and FISH! techniques as well as other reward systems. Implement employee recognition programs. Companies can host morale building activities and events, provide team building events and meetings in getaway locations or fun onsite spaces.

Companies can introduce all kinds of incentives based on their unique budget and culture. Marcus Erb, senior research partner and senior consultant at the Great Place to Work® Institute, recommends:

  • Ensure that your employees feel the work that they do has a higher purpose
  • Celebrate accomplishments creatively
  • Allow employees to purse passion projects by granting time off
  • Depart from the customary routine to build morale
  • Have fun
  • Incorporate positive attitude training into employee learning

Unsure of how to increase satisfaction, ask your employees with Survey Monkey’s Employee Satisfaction Survey tool. The Gross National Happiness index from the Happiness Alliance correlates productivity from city to state to nation and beyond. Need additional research, we can help.